Thursday, September 9, 2010

365 Days : A Photographic Journey {Day 1}

Today is the day! I am officially signed up for a new project that I am just ecstatic about! It is called "365 Days {A Photographic Journey}. I LOVE photography, it is my talent, my hobby but at the same time it is the thing that holds me back from taking the day to day pictures of my life. Sad but true. This project is going to change all that, or so I think. I hope to enhance my skills, my ideas, my creativity and most importantly my life and the wonderful things in it. Im going to photograph my kids, my family, my pets, house, friends, anything I find picture worthy, my life. I encourage anyone who wants to enhance their photo skills or to even capture a sneak peek into the next year of your life to join me. Head over to 365 Days {A Photographic Journey}. Madeline Bea would love to have you!

Photobucket start off on my first day why wouldn't I post nudies of my girls!?! I just did a mini shoot to capture this oh so precious age, which is my favorite so far. It displays Ruby's balancing skills as well as Lila's little dimples. I am dreading the day she grows out of those. If only they could stay this age forever. Ruby isnt totally in focus but I dont care. I want to remember this pic which is why I chose it.


  1. This is priceless, I LOVE this picture!

  2. I JUST can't stand it. These girls. I mean how the EFF do you get them to pose (ALL THE TIME)!?!? they are so hilarious, so beautiful, uncanny, adorable, etc., etc., on and on. I am seriously considering doing this 365 day challenge with you. It's seriously inspiring me. Love you!